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Bennett Trenchless has designed over 100,000 feet of microtunneling projects ranging from 18” to 96” in diameter underneath rivers, railroads, and highways, in challenging ground conditions, from very soft Bay Mud to full-face rock. We have designed raw water intakes on lakes and sewer ocean outfalls.

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Bennett Trenchless has designed over 100 HDD projects ranging from 4 to 48” OD and over 4,700 feet. We have advanced the state of practice in design and analyses of hydrofracture risk and have built rapport with various permitting agencies by listening to their concerns and analyzing and mitigating risk for HDD installations.

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Bennett Trenchless also has extensive experience in open-shield pipejacking, auger boring, pilot tube, guided boring, pipe ramming, and tunneling. Our extensive knowledge of all of the trenchless construction methods ensures that our clients will get the most cost-effective solution which minimizes construction risks.

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We are the industry leader in trenchless technology. David Bennett pioneered trenchless design principles that have been adopted as industry standard practice. We have continuously improved our risk management, analytical tools, and design practices. We push the industry to improve and follow our lead, through training courses, seminars, and landmark publications. We are the first engineering consulting firm dedicated 100% to trenchless design and construction management. We are always striving for excellence and lead by example.


We have designed over 75 microtunneling projects and 100 HDD projects, totaling over 200 miles of pipe installed by trenchless methods. Our experienced staff has provided extensive specialty construction inspection services involving many different trenchless construction methods. Our practical construction experience provides a reality check and improves our designs while keeping us abreast of technological advancements.


Bennett Trenchless provides trenchless design and consulting services to a wide array of clients, including municipal, state, and private utility owners throughout the United States and Canada. We design trenchless solutions for water, sewer, gas, electric, and telecom services.

Who Are We?

Who We Are

Bennett Trenchless Engineers is a California certified Emerging Small Business and is recognized nationwide as a leader in trenchless technology. We care about our clients in California and across the United States. Please call or e-mail us if we can assist you on any trenchless design, construction inspection, or construction claims. We are proud of our past, and look forward to serving you in the future.


Professional Affiliations

North American Society for Trenchless Technology
American Society of Civil Engineers
HDD Academy
Trenchless Online