Harvest Water Program

Project Details


  • 16- to 72-in pipelines
  • 18, 150-800 ft crossings of Elk Grove and Ehrhardt Channels, UPRR, Franklin and Stone Lake Creeks, etc.
  • Casing for 16 of 18 crossings

Geotechnical Conditions

  • Loose to dense silty sands and sandy silts
  • Groundwater table 60′ bgs


  • Address UPRR requirements
  • Mitigate impact to traffic

Project Overview

BTE is providing trenchless consulting services, as a subconsultant to Brown & Caldwell/Carollo, for the trenchless feasibility, basis of design report, and program management (C-PMO) for the Harvest Water Program recycled water system.  The trenchless scope of work includes preliminary assessment of 18 trenchless crossings varying in diameter from 16 to 72 inches, and in length from 150 feet to 800 feet.  Trenchless methods under consideration along the various transmission main and distribution pipelines include: microtunneling, open-shield pipejacking, open-shield tunneling, pipe ramming, auger boring, and HDD.  Several trenchless crossings required pre-planning to meet UPRR permit requirements, and early permit coordination with CA DFW regarding impact mitigation to waterways.